Fruit Board 

All Boards are served on large hand-crafted rustic cutting boards and are garnished with edible flowers. Platters and boards feed about 20-30 guest.


Wine Country Board  $389

chef’s selection of fine cheeses, smoked salmon mousse, chicken liver pâté, marinated olives, red wine jam, sliced aged salami, fresh grapes on the vine, and cornichons, served with baguette bread and crackers.


Large Vegetable platter $225

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, celery, grape tomatoes, radish and roasted beet and Fresh dill ranch. 


Large Cheese and fruit platter $256

Hazelnut encrusted goat cheese, cheddar cubes, pepper jack cubes, assorted gourmet crackers, red and green grapes, seasonal berries. 


Large Cheese & Meat Platter  $285

Hazelnut encrusted goat cheese, cheddar cubes, pepper jack cubes, salami, ham, prosciutto, assorted gourmet crackers, red and green grapes, seasonal berries. 


Antipasto Platter $315

A seasonal assortment of fresh grilled & marinated vegetables; pickled peppers, white bean salad, assorted olives, aged sharp white cheddar and ham, spicy mushrooms and crostini with feta parsley spread. 


Charcuterie Board $350 

A variety of cured meats, gourmet cheeses and house-made sauces are served along with dried fruits, seasonal fruit, nuts, vegetables, olives, artisan crackers, and artisan breads.  


Grilled And Chilled Vegetables Board $236

Vibrant vegetables lightly grilled and chilled. Served with house made green goddess dressing. 


Dessert Board $326 

Miniature crème Brule's, Minni cheesecakeS, fresh baked madeleine cookies, chocolate truffles and assorted fruit compotes and sauces. 


Fruit Board  $296

A blend of tropical fruits, citrus, berries, and melon. 


Market Cheeses Board $312

A delicious display of dairy. This display includes fruit spreads and artisan breads. 


Bagels And Lox Board $293

Gravlax made in-house served on a display of bagels, capers, lemons, fresh dill, and a variety of cream cheese spreads.